Achieving Success Throughout A District

The District's Challenge: North East Independent School District serves over 64,000 students in San Antonio and has seen the need for additional mental health services.  They also received requests from teachers and administrators wanting additional training to support their students and themselves as they address crises. How CIS-SA Helped: Not only are CIS Site Coordinators available [...]

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Making Positive Changes For A Whole School

The School's Challenge: Glenoaks Elementary School, located in Northside ISD, is a diverse campus serving students who speak over 20 different languages and about 75% are economically disadvantaged.  When Principal Maria Meza recognized a gap between the school and the community, she enlisted the help of CIS. How CIS-SA Helped: CIS provided a Site Coordinator, Caroline [...]

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Helping Students Reach Their Potential

What He Faced: When Joe was a freshman at Southwest High School, he made friends with the wrong crowd that made him believe that school was unimportant.  He struggled with communication and conflicts with teachers and peers.  When Joe entered the Communities In Schools program, he found trusted adults that he could talk to about [...]

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Inspiring Hope for the Future

What He Faced: Before Rey Saldaña was elected to San Antonio's City Council to represent District 4, he was a Communities In Schools of San Antonio student.  No one in Saldaña's family had graduated high school, let alone attended or graduated from college.  He grew up believing that higher education was out of his reach. [...]

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Overcoming Struggles as a Community

State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins believes that students are able to perform their best when surrounded by a community of support.  She believes this because she has experienced it.  Through her own community of support growing up, she was able to succeed in school and in life.  Gervin-Hawkins shares a valuable piece of wisdom when she [...]

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Equipping Families to Tackle Emotional Distress

What They Faced:  The Mondragon Family adopted their two boys.  Sage, the youngest, had difficulty processing his emotions and it was spilling into his behavior in school. How CIS-SA Helped:  Ms. Salina Rocha, our CIS-SA Site Coordinator at Olmos Elementary School, provided one-on-one session with Sage to give him pointers on how to deal with [...]

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Creating Connections to Success

What She Faced: Dealing with issues at home, DeeAndra's academics suffered and she was ready to drop-out. How CIS-SA Helped: Our site coordinator, Ms. Jones, worked closely with DeeAndra to identify how she could improve her academics. In addition, Ms. Jones enrolled DeeAndra in a girls leadership group to help boost her self-esteem and to provide a safe [...]

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Shaping Futures Through Mentorship

What He Faced: Victor struggled in school due to the strained relationship between himself and his twin brother. How CIS-SA Helped: Once Victor's site coordinator, Ms. Vargas, learned about the struggles Victor faced at home she connected him with a mentor through our InspireU program. The relationship forged between Ms. Vargas and his mentor, Stan, helped [...]

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Building Relationships to Overcome Obstacles

What They Faced: As a single parent, Mr. Jimenez faced unforeseen challenges for himself and his children,  Cristina and Joshua. How CIS-SA Helped: Cristina and Joshua's site coordinator, Ms. Roxanna, linked Mr. Jimenez with resources to ease the burdens he faced as a single parent. By working closely with the family, Ms. Roxanna also identified the [...]

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Strengthened by Peer Relationships

What She Faced: After a death in the family, Ebony found herself struggling to focus on her academics, leading to her being retained in the eighth grade. How CIS-SA Helped: Ebony's site coordinator enrolled her in a credit-recovery program  so she could catch up with her peers. Ebony's involvement in a CIS-SA led girls leadership group has provided a [...]

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