The School’s Challenge: Glenoaks Elementary School, located in Northside ISD, is a diverse campus serving students who speak over 20 different languages and about 75% are economically disadvantaged.  When Principal Maria Meza recognized a gap between the school and the community, she enlisted the help of CIS.

How CIS-SA Helped: CIS provided a Site Coordinator, Caroline T., to deliver case management services to the students and connect the school’s families with resources.  In addition, the entire school staff participated in training with the CIS Community Education and Training Developer, Shelly Bosse, LMSW, M.A., called Project Heart and Mind.  This allowed all school staff to be more aware of each child’s needs and address social and emotional issues the students were facing.

Today:  After great success through the Project Heart and Mind training, the school has seen improvements with students’ behavior and academics.  CIS plans to expand this program to more schools so all school staff are trained to be aware of the things our students are facing outside of the classroom.