Creating Connections to Success

What She Faced: Dealing with issues at home, DeeAndra's academics suffered and she was ready to drop-out. How CIS-SA Helped: Our site coordinator, Ms. Jones, worked closely with DeeAndra to identify how she could improve her academics. In addition, Ms. Jones enrolled DeeAndra in a girls leadership group to help boost her self-esteem and to provide a safe [...]

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Shaping Futures Through Mentorship

What He Faced: Victor struggled in school due to the strained relationship between himself and his twin brother. How CIS-SA Helped: Once Victor's site coordinator, Ms. Vargas, learned about the struggles Victor faced at home she connected him with a mentor through our InspireU program. The relationship forged between Ms. Vargas and his mentor, Stan, helped [...]

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Building Relationships to Overcome Obstacles

What They Faced: As a single parent, Mr. Jimenez faced unforeseen challenges for himself and his children,  Cristina and Joshua. How CIS-SA Helped: Cristina and Joshua's site coordinator, Ms. Roxanna, linked Mr. Jimenez with resources to ease the burdens he faced as a single parent. By working closely with the family, Ms. Roxanna also identified the [...]

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Strengthened by Peer Relationships

What She Faced: After a death in the family, Ebony found herself struggling to focus on her academics, leading to her being retained in the eighth grade. How CIS-SA Helped: Ebony's site coordinator enrolled her in a credit-recovery program  so she could catch up with her peers. Ebony's involvement in a CIS-SA led girls leadership group has provided a [...]

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Achieving a School and Work Balance

What He Faced: Taking on many responsibilities, Hector strives to excel in school while juggling a full-time job. His involvement in our Upward Bound program helped Hector to see the opportunities that come with higher education. How CIS-SA Helped: With the support of his Pre-College Advisor, Mr. Regan, Hector received the guidance he needed to be [...]

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A Passion for Acting

What She Faced: Coping with the devastating loss of her father, Rachel struggled with focusing on school and faced issues with her confidence. How CIS-SA Helped: Our site coordinator, Sandra, enrolled Rachel in a grief group and provided a safe place Rachel could visit when she needed extra support. Sandra encouraged Rachel to pursue her passion [...]

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Leaping Into Confidence

What She Faced: As an elementary school student living with her grandparents and multiple siblings, Alacyn was timid and not receiving much one-on-one attention at home and was not involved in any extracurricular activities. How CIS-SA Helped: Our Site Coordinator, Hillary, enrolled Alacyn in her after school ballet class which not only promoted physical activity [...]

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Beyond the Bullying

What She Faced:  Middle school grew more difficult for Amanda when she became the target of bullying. When she came to CIS, Amanda had already begun to dread attending school, and her grades and attendance had suffered. How CIS-SA Helped:  Our Site Coordinator, Adriana, intervened and was able to stop the bullying, creating a safe [...]

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Nurturing Motivation Within

What He Faced: As a freshman in high school suffering the loss of his mother, Eddie had little interest in school. Without an extra push at home, Eddie was considering dropping out as many students who experience a loss or trauma may contemplate. How CIS-SA Helped: Our Site Coordinator, Gladys, nurtured Eddie and provided him [...]

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Success with Positive Self Esteem

What She Faced:  Victoria struggled with her academics, had low self-esteem and had difficulty connecting with her peers. How We Helped:  Victoria’s Site Coordinator enrolled her in a CIS newspaper group to help her improve her grades and foster positive relationships with peers. Where She Is Now:  Victoria’s grades and self-esteem greatly improved.  She has [...]

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