What They Faced: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community, sisters Ana (6th), Crystal (7th), and Hollie (8th) struggled with distance learning. They felt too shy to speak up in a virtual classroom to ask questions and they couldn’t keep up with the school work. On top of getting their grades back on track, their father suffered a stroke that kept him in the hospital for a few weeks.

How CIS-SA Helped: In order to get the three sisters re-engaged in school, our CIS Site Coordinator, Anissa, stepped in to provide them with one-on-one support with their assignments and help them build their confidence. When their father couldn’t work due to his health, Anissa connected with them, checking in on their family frequently to help out with financial assistance and emotional support.

Where He Is Now:  Now that Ana, Crystal, and Hollie are back on campus, they have picked their grades up to participate in basketball. Take a look at their full story to see how CIS-SA is re-engaging students and supporting families across San Antonio.