Meet Marcos

Marcos has been a Communities In Schools student at L.E.E. High School working with our Site Coordinator, Maria, during the school year and during the COVID-19 pandemic.  His mother is unable to work, and his father’s work slowed down significantly due to the pandemic, so he sought financial help for his family.  During the school year, Marcos worked with Maria on academics and improving his social skills.  After his brother invited him to a CIS meeting, Marcos joined CIS.  “He was a shy student at first.  He had been outside of class, skipping between classes.  After a couple of weeks, Marcos became very involved with XY-Zone and invited some of his friends to join,” said Maria.

Maria is so proud of how far Marcos has come in his time at L.E.E. High School.  “He became a true leader,” she said, “He met with our Goodwill Career Navigator each week, and he grew, in every sense of the word, from a student who often got into trouble to a kid that was exceptional and a great leader.”  Now that Marcos has graduated, he is working with his father, building his own car, and he is enrolled to attend college in the fall.  We’re so proud of you, Marcos!

Maria wanted to leave Marcos with some final encouragement:

I am glad to have known you, Marcos.  It has been such an honor to watch you grow and be more confident.  Remember you can do anything you set your mind to.  You are a true leader.