Make a lasting difference with our students by supporting them throughout their school year. The opportunities below allow you to meet with our students on a regular basis during the school day. Our team will find convenient times for your schedule.


Serve as a positive role model and develop a one on one relationship with a student. Mentors offer support and guidance while emphasizing the value of education. Mentors meet weekly on a campus of their choice for approximately 1 hour, same day and time. Ideal for individuals or groups.


Help students achieve academic success through support and encouragement. Students and tutors will be matched by CIS-SA staff according to volunteer’s strengths and student’s academic needs. Tutors meet weekly on a campus of their choice for approximately 1 hour, same day and time. Ideal for individuals or groups.


InspireU Workplace Mentorship

Through CIS-SA’s InspireU program, CIS-SA brings high school students to a corporate office so they can be matched with a mentor, exposed to the workplace environment and expand their knowledge of potential careers. Ideal for groups of 12 or more colleagues.


Pen Pals Program

Correspond on a bi-weekly basis with a classroom of elementary school students. This program helps students develop their writing skills while connecting them with a supportive professional. The school year begins and ends with a face to face celebration on campus. Ideal for a group of 12 or more.

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All volunteers working with students are required to pass an annual background check.

Have questions about our volunteer opportunities? Email or call our Community Engagement Department at 210.520.8440 Ext. 224